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Is your 2000w fiber laser machine for metal cuttingfocus set correctly?

2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting workpiece surface cutting different workpiece, need different focus mode,

laser focus in cutting workpiece surface above

Air nitrogen cutting stainless steel, generally choose negative focus, laser focus in the cutting workpiece surface below.

This mode is mainly used for cutting thick materials.

Select the right focus cutting mode, can let the performance advantages of laser cutting machine play out.

The cutting focus is on the cutting material, mainly because the thick plate needs a large cutting range,

otherwise the oxygen conveyed by the nozzle is easy to appear hypoxia and lead to the reduction of cutting temperature.

The position of the focus. This pattern because the focus are far away from the cutting material of the cutting surface,

cutting by contrast cutting point on the workpiece surface is larger,

at the same time the required cutting air flow is larger, higher temperature, the impact on the window and cutting section of sheet,

punch cutting time longer, when the focus is zero coke, laser focus on cutting surface oxygen cutting carbon steel is generally choose focus,

Therefore, the workpiece material is selected as stainless steel or aluminum and other materials with higher hardness.

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