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2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting for antifreeze performance requirements

Special attention should be paid to the use of 2000w fiber laser machine for metal cutting in winter. The full name of antifreeze is antifreeze coolant, that is, the coolant of antifreeze function, which can prevent freezing of coolant in cold winter, swelling of the laser and the internal pipeline of the chiller and damage to the pipeline sealing. But now there are various kinds of antifreeze on the market with different formulas, so many customers do not know how to choose, deploy, or have chosen some antifreeze that is not suitable for our laser cutting machine.

In fact, our laser cutting machine for antifreeze is certain requirements, the wrong choice or improper use of equipment will damage the internal pipeline, laser cutting machine antifreeze performance requirements are as follows:

1, stable chemical properties

2, good anti-freezing performance

3, low temperature viscosity is not too large

4, corrosion resistance and rust resistance

5. No swelling and erosion performance for rubber sealed conduit

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