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3 kw fiber laser cutting machine processing quality evaluation standard!

At present, China's technology in high-power laser cutting and related equipment has been very mature,

but the independent research and development and application of precision laser cutting technology is still in its infancy,

both in laser cutting equipment and processing technology are dependent on foreign imports 3 kw fiber laser cutting machine.

Therefore, facing the technological monopoly of western developed countries, mastering precision laser cutting technology

and related equipment manufacturing will be of great significance to the development of national industry and improve the scientific and technological competitiveness of Our country.

Laser processing, as the most advanced manufacturing technology in the 21st century, has broad development prospects.

However, as a new processing technology in development, it is not mature, it is not like the traditional processing technology has formed a set of perfect theory and standard flow.

Therefore, Maanshan precision fiber laser cutting machine, in laser processing, must be investigated and studied, learn from previous experience.

Combined with the actual conditions, using 1 suitable processing technology.

Technological progress not only depends on the best equipment system and processing conditions,

but also needs to carry out sufficient theoretical research and logical derivation, combined with a large number of process tests and results analysis.

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