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The price determines the material selected by 3 kw fiber laser cutting machine

Hello, Friends, I believe that many industries are now using 3 kw fiber laser cutting machine so in the choice of time, most people will consider the price,

both want to choose durable materials, and want to be cheap, today Jiatai laser to talk about the price determines its material equipment.

The price determines what it's made of

First of all, it consists of laser generator, cooling water circulation device, air compressor, transformer,

NUMERICAL control system, operating table, cutting head and host, the most important is the laser generator,

which directly affects the performance of the equipment.

Price low household ordinary materials of manufacturer of general assembly is complete,

at work suddenly stopped working,

suddenly don't shine, large cutting equipment like this at the time of check and remove is more troublesome,

if it is to remove the cutter, to return to the factory, the postage and the cost of the repair is basically to that one time maintenance cost tens of thousands.

If you want to know the different price of each cutting machine, it is suggested that you go directly to the manufacturer for field investigation,

because the current market price fluctuates greatly and cannot give us a clear range.

If you do not go to the field, in the market configuration is not high, can only maintain a year or so, tens of thousands of you can also buy.

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