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What are the performance characteristics of 3 point bending machine?

For bending metal, bending machine is one of the most common machine tools, bending machine according to the different

structure can also be divided into a variety of different types, today we introduce is 3 point bending machine,

understand this type of bending machine has what performance characteristics and advantages.

Under normal circumstances, 3 point bending machine bending metal workpiece working mode is by the machine tool under the

mold outside the contact of the two points and by the CNC machine control of the bottom of the moving up and down support a point,

so a total of three points to bend the processed metal workpiece. We can determine the Angle of the bend from these three points.

Through the 3 point bending machine of this bending method, we can not only carry out the right Angle,

obtuse Angle and acute Angle bending work, the most important is to be able to make the bending resilience of the workpiece to a minimum,

so that we can obtain more accurate bending accuracy.

This is also a big advantage of 3-point bending machine, is able to obtain good bending accuracy,

which also makes this working mode of bending machine can be widely used.

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