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3000W Laser cutting machine as for all processing requirements have a very high standard of equipment

3000W Laser cutting machine as for all processing requirements have a very high standard of equipment, once the improper operation will seriously affect the processing quality of equipment, so we want to make the equipment can operate normally, then we must ensure that their operation process, method is correct. Therefore, the following xiaobian will tell you how the operation process of the equipment is carried out.

1, in strict accordance with the provisions, follow the laser cutting machine equipment startup, shutdown and other principles, do not force to close or open;

2. Employees are not allowed to operate the machine without training. Only after a complete training can they operate the machine.

3, in the process of equipment work, external personnel shall not be close to the operating platform and console, the core operation is completed by the person;

4, adjust the light path of the machine tool, adjust and cut under the follow-up method, force to follow the accurate control process, to ensure man-machine safety;

5, each time the boot, to return to the reference point, check processing focusing lens, calibrate the coaxial beam nozzle, open cutting auxiliary gas, the pressure in the bottle should not be less than 1Mpa;

6, once a week to check the laser cutting machine outside the light road safeguard gas, cold road cabinet, cooling river road, air compressor, cold drying machine, the water discharge filter.

So when you control the use of laser cutting machine, we must pay attention to their way of operation is correct, and in the whole process of cutting machine operation should always pay attention to avoid cutting machine equipment in the process of operation abnormal phenomenon and not found in a timely manner.

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