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Comparison of 3000W laser cutting machine cast iron bed welding bed

Some of the base of 3000W laser cutting machine with cast iron and some choose welding, the difference between the two is not big,

what is the difference, next by the country hong xiaobian for intention customers compare the difference between the two, the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

From worse to understand the pros and cons: cast iron bed compared with welding lathe bed, cast iron bed than welding lathe bed,

vibration resistance theory to the heavier body, the smaller machine vibration, due to its material properties,

the smaller the impact on the quality of cutting, cast iron bed for shock sensitivity is low, so that the machine reduces from other reasons, the influence of the cutting degree of ascension.

From the stability of machine tools to compare: casting bed in the casting process, according to the casting process,

the casting stress is relatively small, and the cast iron resistance to internal stress grade is much higher than the welding parts.

Welding parts in the process of welding stress is very large, if not timely eliminate internal stress processing,

components will produce cracking or deformation consequences, welding stress generally will not be removed.

From the strength of machine tools: because of the high carbon content of cast iron, it is more difficult to be deformed by heat. And cast iron because of its material properties cast iron bed strength, stiffness are very high, plastic deformation is small, not easy to produce deformation. The low thermal sensitivity of cast iron makes it difficult to be affected by thermal deformation and machine tool degree. Secondly, there is no business aging cycle or heat treatment process in the welding bed forming process, and the bed is easy to deform after a long time of work.

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