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3015 fiber laser cutting machine Product features

3015 fiber laser cutting machine Product features

· 1. Double drive structure of heavy gantry is adopted with good dynamic performance. The overall layout is compact, reasonable and occupies a small area.

· 2, equipped with a special laser NUMERICAL control system, high-speed operation conditions to ensure processing accuracy, high production efficiency, high processing accuracy.

· 3. Standard Sino-Us fiber laser, low operation and maintenance cost, maximizing long-term investment return and income.

· 4. The key components of the cutting head are PRESTE cutting head and non-contact capacitance sensing, with strong safety protection measures, stable and reliable performance and easy to use.

· 5, X, Y axis adopts imported rack and pinion, guide rail and centralized lubrication device to ensure long-term stability and reliable operation.

· 6. Design and manufacture reinforced welding bed body, which is tempered after welding, and vibratory aging to eliminate stress to ensure the accuracy and stability of bed body in long-term operation.

· 7. The trolley collecting device is equipped under the machine tool. The small cutting materials and metal powder will be collected in the trolley for collection and treatment.

· 8. It is equipped with three automatic conversion systems of auxiliary gases (high-pressure air, nitrogen and oxygen) to meet the processing needs of customers for various materials, with simple operation and lower cost.

· 9, standard high-grade programming nesting software (including material management, processing technology optimization and other functions), with unique functions in drilling, corner processing and other aspects. 

· 10. Optimized optical lens, specially designed nozzle and sensing technology make cutting more smooth and stable.

· 11. Other specifications such as 4000mm*1500mm and 4000mm*2000mm can be selected.

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