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Factors affecting 3015 fiber laser cutting machine to process rough 

In the 3015 fiber laser cutting machine processing process, there are strict requirements for laser cutting roughness, especially for thick plate workpiece,

in the cutting process if you do not pay attention to it is likely to cause cutting errors,

so it is generally required to control the roughness of laser cutting machine cutting surface.

For the laser cutting of the sheet with a thickness of more than 2mm, the distribution of the roughness of the cutting surface is not uniform,

and there are great differences along the thickness direction, and the change of the state has two significant characteristics:

1) The morphology of the cutting surface is divided into two completely different parts, the upper surface is smooth and smooth,

the cutting fringe is neat and dense, and the roughness value is small; The lower cutting fringe is disordered,

the surface is not smooth, and the roughness value is large. The upper part is characterized by the direct action of laser beams,

while the lower part is characterized by the erosion of molten metal.

2) The surface roughness in the part area of the cutting surface is generally uniform and does not change with height;

While the surface roughness of the lower region varies with the height.

The closer it is to the lower edge, the greater the surface roughness value is, and the surface roughness at the lower edge reaches the maximum value.

Whether it is continuous laser cutting machine laser cutting, or pulse laser cutting, cutting surface shows obvious upper and lower parts

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