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Do you know the pressure regulation method of 30t hydraulic press brake machine?

Many users do not know how to adjust the pressure after buying 30t hydraulic press brake machine, have called to consult.

The following small series for you to introduce the pressure regulation method of 30t hydraulic press brake machine in detail:

1. Due to the thickness of the stainless steel plate and the different specifications of the V-hole on the upper die,

it is necessary to adjust the distance between the stroke of the slider according to the development to press the button on the electrical equipment box.

2. The slide block rises because the upper group moves the limit switch so that the slide block stays in the required position, which can effectively improve labor efficiency.

3. Slide block slow attitude adjustment slide, need to open the switch to make the slide block slow attitude.

4. Adjustment of left and right abrasive clearance. The clearance can be measured when the die slides down close to the upper die v-shape,

and then the slider lift spacing can be adjusted.

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