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3d laser cutting machine can be used to cut the side of automobile

Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine for cutting complex curved surface of three dimensional laser processing equipment,

has been widely used in Europe, Japan and the market demand is more and more big, the 70 s ~ 80 s of the 20th century, Europe,

Italy, Japan and other countries have successively developed the three dimensional 3d laser cutting machine,

is comparatively mature technology development to the present, original position precision machine tool is at level 10 um,

It is a kind of high-end equipment that can really carry out precision laser cutting processing for THREE-DIMENSIONAL parts.

However, due to the late start of laser processing equipment in China,

especially the manufacture of three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine is almost blank.

For a long time, the domestic high-end 3D laser processing market has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers,

and the sales price and maintenance cost are very expensive.

In order to adapt to the domestic 3d laser processing more and more huge and strategic market demand,

In 2010, The laser group actively on the 3D five-axis machine research and development trial production, and made a breakthrough.

Three dimensional five axis laser cutting machine introduction

Three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machine is mainly suitable for the three-dimensional precision flexible processing of carbon steel,

stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and other materials in the fields of aerospace,

automobile manufacturing, construction machinery, molds, fitness equipment and so on.

The equipment has the following characteristics:

The elevated gantry structure, beam mobile, with sufficient processing space.

The fiber laser has high electro-optical conversion rate, 60% lower energy consumption than the same power CO2 laser,

free optical path maintenance, no gas consumption of the laser, and low equipment operation cost.

The 3d head realizes n×360° infinite rotation, from cutting to welding, the machining head can be replaced quickly without adjustment,

providing more stable processing.

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