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3KW-8KW fiber metal laser cutting machine Introduction to fiber laser cutting machine

3KW-8KW fiber metal laser cutting machine Introduction to fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting is now people master a variety of cutting technology in the excellent cutting method, laser cutting advantages are:

small thermal deformation, high cutting accuracy, low noise, no pollution, easy to achieve automatic cutting,

although the initial investment (disadvantage), but the processing cost is 50% less than mechanical processing.

Laser cutting as an advanced manufacturing technology, has a wide range of applications, flexible process,

high processing accuracy, good quality, clean production process and easy to achieve automation,

flexibility, intelligence and improve product quality, labor productivity and other advantages.

Lc4020-8000 is a high power fiber metal laser cutting machine developed by Zhejiang Jiatai Laser Technology Co., LTD.

Iii. Product features

1. Our 8000W high power laser cutting machine adopts gantry single side double drive structure, imported high precision reducer, rack and pinion and linear guide rail, smooth transmission, fast acceleration, high positioning accuracy.

2. The automatic zoom cutting head can change the cutting focus position through the system parameter setting position, abandoning the traditional manual adjustment.

3. Equipped with lens monitoring function, can automatically identify whether the lens temperature is normal, to ensure the stability of product processing.

4. With one-key calibration, automatic edge finding, automatic typesetting, frog jump and other powerful process functions, so that the operation becomes more simple.

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