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W11-4x2000 Hydraulic 3-Roller Rolling Machine

1.W11 Series Rolling Machine Features

Streamlined designe originated from EU , the use o the overall fram welding anannealing treatment

Three-roller symmetric structure : driven by screw lever and turbine worm ,theupper roller moves in vertical direction in the center symmetrical position betweethe lower two rollers : As the main drive roller for rotary motion ,two lower rollersare engaged with the output gear of the reducer to provide torque for rolling plate . The machine is compact , easy operation and maintenance ; bdesides ,theroller is suitable for installation of profile dies for easy rolling of various profilesEasy-to-use removable console

Two sets of digital output for easy positioning of two lower rollrs .

Induction hardened forged rollers or high strength work rollers with SAE 1050quality certficate .

Upper roller lifting motion principle : auxiliary motor and auxiliary reducer drivethe worm and turbine underlateral bearing seats to move , consequently rotatethe screw nut on the turbine to lift screw lever.

Unloading device : when finishing rollig work , the upper roller rises up , the pullrd on the end of upper roller holding the roller , then disconnects the left bearinseat namely tiltable bearing seat ad extracts thepin shaft , turnover the tiltablebearing seat , finally, the finished ferrule will b released from the other end ofthe upper roller .

2. Controller System

Special bending aircraft , numberical controlHMI( Human machine interface ) Intelligentoperation

Self-compensation , single operate , highefficiency ,

safe and convenient

Many models for choice , economic

numberical control model , TC Computerizednu mheriral control

3.Standard Components

Easy-to-use removable console,

The upper roller is electrically depressed through the consoleSuitable for thin and heavy plate , aluminum or stainless steelsheet rolling

Ferrules in full circle or varying radiuses can be done easily.

Overload protection.

Two sets of digital output for easy positioning of two lower rollers

Extended roller shafts for profile and pipe rolling operation

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