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500W handheld laser welding machine ——Hand-held laser welding machine

500W handheld laser welding machine

Product classification: Hand-held laser welding machine


1. Continuous light output, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, long laser life

2. Maintenance: maintenance-free, regulation-free, low energy consumption, no supplies, long-term use can save a lot of processing costs for users, traditional solder, argon arc welding and other ways, solder, YA gas, iron wire, salt. Acid and so on need a lot of consumable energy consumption

3. Volume: compact size, built-in water cooling, portable welding flexible and convenient, can realize outdoor welding.

4. The operation is easy to learn, skilled hands can be operated on the machine, in the current situation of difficult to recruit technical workers, wage costs multiplied, choose hand-held fiber laser welding machine can be easily solved for you.

5. High working efficiency, traditional sign welding using solder, argon arc welding and other ways, low efficiency, people easy to fatigue, handheld fiber laser welding machine break through the traditional practice, faster than ordinary welding word 10-15 times.

6. Hand-held welding head: equipped with 10 meters of imported optical fiber, can be a variety of complex weld workpiece, large workpiece irregular shape, to achieve arbitrary Angle of welding

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