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Introduction of laser cleaning technology and 500W laser cleaning machine

Introduction of laser cleaning technology and 500W laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning application range is very wide, as a manufacturing country, laser cleaning/derusting in industrial applications has great development potential,500 watt laser cleaning machine is more widely used in various fields. This paper introduces some advantages and applications of 500 watt laser cleaning machine from the technical level.

A, laser cleaning principle: because of the laser cleaning material, process characteristics and the use of the laser wavelength, energy density and cleaning methods of different, laser cleaning mechanism is also different. The laser has the characteristics of high intensity, high energy density, strong focusing and good direction, and can focus the beam into a small area through lens combination.

Two, 500W laser cleaning machine product features:

Integrated design of laser, electro-optic conversion efficiency up to 30%;

② The closed integral structure ensures excellent pulse power and energy stability, and optimizes beam quality;

The function parameter adjustment of laser is digital display design, convenient operation, universal control interface, strong compatibility;

The beam uniformity is high, the processing bottom effect is good, easy to use and maintain.

The homogenization effect of laser cleaning spot pattern changes

Different laser spot output modes determine:

1. Degree of surface damage

2, cleaning efficiency

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