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50W laser cleaning machine——Laser cleaning machine equipment is the first new surface cleaning products,

Laser cleaning machine equipment is the first new surface cleaning products, equipment operation is simple, power open equipment can operate, can carry out no chemical reagents, five media, dust-free, water-free cleaning, can quickly and effectively clean the surface of the object resin oil, stains, rust, coating, coating, paint and so on.

50W laser cleaning machine Product advantages:

Independent innovation has reached the international level, using YAG laser and pulse Q technology production of laser cleaning machine.

Precise cleaning can realize selective cleaning of precise position and precise size.

No need for any chemical cleaning liquid, no consumables, the most environmentally friendly.

Simple operation, can be powered on, can be hand-held or with the manipulator to achieve automatic cleaning.

Cleaning efficiency is very high, save time.

The laser cleaning system is stable and requires little maintenance

Laser cleaning equipment application:

Metal surface derusting, surface derusting and paint removal treatment, metal surface oil treatment. Decontamination treatment oil scale, stone surface dust treatment, residual treatment of rubber mold. In the current market in the mold industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding industry, food processing industry, sewage treatment industry and other chemical industry.

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