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The efficiency of 6000W fiber laser cutting machine equipment will be reduced. Why is this a problem?

6000W fiber laser cutting machine equipment  is widely respected in sheet metal processing industry. The main reason is high production efficiency, can reduce labor costs. However, many people find that their devices become less efficient after a period of use. Why is this a problem? Let's share.

1. Improper cutting method

When cutting metal plate, there is no common edge, borrow edge, bridge cutting methods. In this way, the cutting path and cutting time increase, the production efficiency will naturally reduce, the consumption of consumables will increase, resulting in higher costs.

2. The cutting power does not match the actual cutting thickness

The fiber laser cutting machine is not selected according to the cutting thickness. For example, when cutting 16mm carbon steel plate in large quantities, equipment with power of 3000W is selected. Although the equipment can cut 16mm carbon steel plate, but the cutting speed is only 0.7m/min.Cutting for a long time will increase the damage rate of the lens and even affect the focusing lens. In this case, the efficiency of the equipment will be reduced.

3. Don't use nested software

Nesting software is not used for typesetting and cutting, but for manual typesetting in the system, and cutting according to the cutting order of parts. This will lead to a large amount of surplus material after the plate cutting, the plate utilization rate is low, the cutting path is not optimized, the cutting time is long, the production efficiency is low.

4. No automatic cutting process

There is no automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database in the laser cutting machine system. Cutting operators can only draw and cut manually based on experience. Automatic drilling and automatic cutting cannot be realized when cutting, and manual adjustment is required. In the long run, the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine is naturally very low.

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