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6000W fiber laser cutting machine how much money to see how manufacturers say

In the field of metal cutting, more advanced high-power fiber laser cutting machine because of its superior performance in intelligence,

environmental protection and efficiency, more and more manufacturers have been favored, is gradually replacing the traditional cutting method.

Before buying high power 6000W fiber laser cutting machine, in addition to considering 6000W fiber laser cutting machine price,

but also need to pay attention to the core parts of the accessories.

Product features:6000W fiber laser cutting machine

1. High configuration: high-end CNC system, high dynamic performance;

2. Excellent structure: the use of industrial-grade high-strength and high-precision machine tools, double drive gantry,

rack and pinion drive structure, break through the industry fast, accurate, stable upper limit standard;

3. Environmental protection: machine tool follow-up dust removal system, plus sealed structure layout,

eliminate dust pollution in the work and provide humanized environmental protection working environment;

4. Convenient maintenance: the machine tool and electric cabinet are separated independently,

convenient maintenance and adjustment, and the equipment is more stable;

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