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6000W laser cutting machine quotation details

6000W laser cutting machine is now applied more and more on the market, its processing sheet metal precision is high,

cutting speed is fast, compared with similar cutting equipment has a very high cost performance advantage, and late maintenance cost is low.

Therefore, laser cutting machine is more and more favored by customers. So for the laser industry now,

the development is increasingly mature, the price of equipment has been reduced, then the current 6000W this medium and high power sheet metal laser cutting machine is expensive?

6000W laser cutting machine price, the first must be related to its basic manufacturers and production process.

Now on the market laser cutting machine manufacturers are still very much,

the price with different manufacturers to provide the process and product quality are also different,

the laser cutting machine can provide relatively in technology, quality and service are more secure, so the price is higher than the general manufacturers.

Another is to affect the price in addition to the manufacturer's brand, there is the core component of the device configuration laser brand.

At present domestic and import price difference is still relatively large. Like imported IPG, its early entry into China,

the domestic market share is relatively large, and stable performance,

so the price is hundreds of thousands of higher than the price of domestic laser with the same power.

And 6000W this kind of high power equipment machine is close to millions, but in recent years the market is generally low,

6000W sheet metal laser cutting machine price is not so expensive before

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