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6000W ultra-high speed fiber laser cutting machine features

1 the machine adopts high strength alloy steel plate whole welding, high temperature 600 stress relief annealing to eliminate welding stress, the exclusive shot blasting process makes the strength of the machine further improve, and then rough machining, vibration aging, finishing, so as to ensure the machine

Long-term operation, there will be no bed deformation, resonance and other adverse phenomena, normal use for 20 years without deformation, so as to achieve high precision cutting in the whole life cycle 6000W ultra-high speed fiber laser cutting machine.

2. Beam casting adopts integrated aviation aluminum pressure casting, casting annealing adopts T6 process to further strengthen the strength of beam,

vibration aging after rough machining can completely eliminate the stress of machining, and finally finish machining. (High density, weight

Light, good rigidity is the reliable guarantee of equipment operation) 6000W ultra-high speed fiber laser cutting machine;

3. Germany beckhoff special EtherCAT bus NUMERICAL control system, independent design OF PLC process control, integrated Jiutan laser cutting technology for decades and industry leading control concept, powerful function, good man-machine interface, simple operation:

4. Typesetting sleeve software adopts imported CNCKAD integrated sheet metal CAD/CAM automatic programming software, with simple programming, high typesetting efficiency, convenient and fast, easy to operate, so that CNC cutting machine to achieve efficient cutting, full-time cutting and high nesting cutting, is there

Efficient material saving, improve the basic guarantee of cutting efficiency

5. Adopt the world's first brand Of German Alpha rack and pinion and reducer, the reducer is guaranteed for 6 years.

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