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Advanced CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine with DAC360T System Shipped to the Netherlands

We are pleased to announce that a CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine equipped with the advanced DAC360T system has been successfully shipped to the Netherlands. This marks our second collaboration with this European client, demonstrating once again the solidity and depth of our partnership.

The standout feature of this CNC Guillotine Shearing Machine is its advanced DAC360T system. This system integrates high-precision control technology, allowing for precise control of four axes: backgauge, blade gap, cutting angle, and cutting stroke. Through the intelligent management of the DAC360T system, users can easily adjust various parameters, achieving efficient and precise metal cutting operations. This not only enhances work efficiency but also ensures the consistency and stability of cutting quality, earning high praise from customers.


In addition to the excellent performance of the DAC360T system, this shearing machine boasts several outstanding features. Its robust and durable machine frame ensures long-term stability and reliability of use; CNC-controlled space and cutting angle adjustments make operations more precise and convenient; superior accuracy and user-friendly control system provide a comfortable operating experience; extremely low maintenance costs and enhanced safety measures further enhance the equipment's cost-effectiveness and safety.

It is worth noting that this shearing machine uses reliable components from globally renowned brands, ensuring the quality and performance of the equipment. Our cost-effective cutting solutions make this equipment highly competitive in the market. This is also a key factor in our ability to once again earn the trust of our customers and facilitate a second collaboration.


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