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Follow our latest shipment progress, we specialize in manufacturing metal working tools such as press brake and fiber laser cutting machines.

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Durmapress Ships Hydraulic Press Brake to Guatemala

Durmapress recently shipped a Hydraulic Press Brake (model: WC67K-30T1200) to Guatemala. After multiple rounds of discussions, the customer was deeply impressed by the adaptability and high efficiency of Durmapress's Hydraulic Press Brake.

Durmapress Ships Four Roller CNC Plate Bender to Russia

Durmapress Company recently successfully shipped a Four Roller CNC Plate Bender to Russia, marking a testament to the deep trust established between the company and its customer through multiple rounds of in-depth negotiations and on-site visits. Throughout the communication process, the Russian customer highly praised Durmapress Company's product quality, technical strength, and service attitude, expressing a strong willingness for long-term cooperation.

product ship to PA

Durmapress Ships Machines to Paraguay

Durmapress recently shipped three of its top-notch machines, the Hydraulic Bending Machine (WC67K-100T3200), Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears (QC12Y - 4X3200), and Combined Punching and Shearing Machine (Q35Y-20), to Paraguay. This collaboration was the result of multiple communications, factory visits, and a strong willingness to cooperate from both sides, culminating in a solid trust between the parties.

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Durmapress Ships DP-ES Servo CNC Press Brake 4+1 axis to Mexico

On this sunny day, we are delighted to announce the shipment of a DP-ES Servo CNC Press Brake 4+1axis to Mexico on March 21st. This company has shown great interest in our product, and after multiple communications and on-site visits, we have reached this collaboration.


Iranian customers purchase additional BS6020H-6KW fiber laser cutting machine

We are delighted to share a moment of achievement as we dispatch our BS6020H-6KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine to a cherished customer in Iraq. This marks another milestone in our enduring partnership, which began in 2020 when the same customer embraced our CNC Turret Punching Machine. Their satisfaction with our technology and service propelled them to invest in the advanced capabilities of our fiber laser cutting machine in 2023.

Peruvian customer successfully ordered hydraulic press brake and guillotine shearing machine

Peruvian Customer Successfully Ordered Hydraulic Press Brake and Guillotine Shearing Machine Today, we are thrilled to share that a client from Peru has successfully purchased two of our flagship products: a highly efficient hydraulic press brake and an advanced hydraulic guillotine shearing machine. Client Background Our Peruvian client is renowned in the local manufacturing sector for providing high-quality metal processing services. To expand their business scope and enhance production efficiency, they decided to introduce advanced machinery. They learned about our… Read More »Peruvian customer successfully ordered hydraulic press brake and guillotine shearing machine

Sustained communication and expertise lead to russian client's final order

In the global business environment, international collaboration has become a key factor in driving technological advancement and commercial growth. A recent prominent example is the collaboration between a Russian company and Renney. This partnership was not just a simple transaction, but a fusion of cultural and technological exchange. A year ago, the Russian company, seeking technological innovation, began contacting Renney to introduce advanced manufacturing equipment. DurmaPress, a pioneer in the field of mechanical equipment, is renowned for its advanced hydraulic… Read More »Sustained communication and expertise lead to russian client's final order

Another significant achievement in the korean market: The continuous leap of durmapress hydraulic notching machines

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  • 3 min read

In today's industrial manufacturing sector, precise and efficient machinery has become a significant hallmark of enterprise competitiveness. Against this backdrop, DURMAPRESS, with its exceptional product performance and quality of service, has won widespread acclaim on a global scale. Our achievements in the Korean market, in particular, are noteworthy. This year, we are delighted to announce that our exclusive agent in Korea has successfully signed the eighth order for 8 high-performance hydraulic notching machines. This new milestone once again demonstrates the… Read More »Another significant achievement in the korean market: The continuous leap of durmapress hydraulic notching machines

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