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Advantages of 200w fiber laser over CNC punch

Advantages of 200w fiber laser over CNC punch

200w fiber laser is a new type of metal sheet processing equipment on the market. Its processing principle is to produce high energy laser beam through the laser and focus on the metal material surface, so that the plate is irradiated part of the instant melting has played a cutting effect.

CNC punch is a kind of automatic machine tool controlled by computer program. Compared with traditional cutting equipment, CNC punch has certain advantages in accuracy and cost. Simple mold matching will do most of the work. Compared with fiber laser cutting machines, CNC punches are not so efficient.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

1. Suitable for all kinds of metal sheet processing, for 20mm below the metal sheet processing has certain advantages.

2. Any complex graphics can be processed, as long as it is drawn on the computer and input to the control system.

3. High cutting accuracy, small thermal deformation, non-contact processing, surface basically no need to carry out secondary polishing treatment.

4. Low use cost, only basic electricity and auxiliary gas costs are needed in the later use.

5. Environmental protection, no noise, no pollution to the surrounding environment.

The above is just a brief summary of fiber laser cutting machine, and then these advantages are difficult to do traditional NUMERICAL control punch, with the market demand of modern processing industry, more enterprise users will focus on fiber laser cutting machine.

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