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Another significant achievement in the korean market: The continuous leap of durmapress hydraulic notching machines

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In today's industrial manufacturing sector, precise and efficient machinery has become a significant hallmark of enterprise competitiveness. Against this backdrop, DURMAPRESS, with its exceptional product performance and quality of service, has won widespread acclaim on a global scale. Our achievements in the Korean market, in particular, are noteworthy.

Hydraulic Notching Machines

This year, we are delighted to announce that our exclusive agent in Korea has successfully signed the eighth order for 8 high-performance hydraulic notching machines. This new milestone once again demonstrates the leading position of DURMAPRESS products in Korea and across the entire Asian market.

Over the past few years, our Korean agent has consistently purchased about 60 hydraulic notching machines annually, reflecting a deep trust in the DURMAPRESS brand and relentless recognition of our products. Our hydraulic notching machines are known for their high precision, excellent stability, and lasting durability, establishing a strong reputation in Korea's metal processing industry.

Each upgrade of the DURMAPRESS hydraulic notching machine is a testament to our technological innovation and process improvement, as well as our commitment to listening to customer feedback and continuously meeting customer needs. Our machines can handle a variety of complex shearing tasks, meeting the most stringent industrial standards with both precision and efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that these 8 new hydraulic notching machines will support our Korean agents in better serving the local market, continuously expanding DURMAPRESS business footprint in Korea. The presence of our exclusive agents ensures that customers can receive faster responses, more professional technical support, and more convenient after-sales service.

Hydraulic Notching Machines2

We are extremely grateful for the efforts and contributions of our Korean agents and look forward to continuing to drive the development of the manufacturing industry with them and our global partners, creating a better tomorrow together.

DURMAPRESS is committed to providing the most advanced mechanical solutions to enhance the production efficiency and product quality of global users. We have full confidence in our products and pledge to continue advancing on the path of innovation, offering premium services to our esteemed customers.

Thanks to the trust and support of the Korean market, DURMAPRESS will spare no effort to provide higher quality products and services to repay customers for their continued trust. We look forward to working with you to create brilliance together.

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