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Battery laser welding machine————Spot welding of cylindrical battery lugs

Aiming at 18650 battery (cap, pole ear, cell) welding process which is often used in battery industry, the laser welding equipment is specially developed for battery manufacturers. There are dozens of automatic, semi-automatic chemical fixture. 100% docking battery industry needs.

Spot welding of cylindrical battery lugs Battery laser welding machine

Recommended model: Fiber optic galvanometer welding machine/battery laser welding machine

Product introduction Battery laser welding machine

Optical fiber galvanometer laser welding machine welding machine/battery its swing through the galvanometer laser realize high-speed mobile laser spot,

welding can be within the scope of the galvanometer scanning plane for any behavior of high speed precision spot welding or continuous welding,

especially suitable for all kinds of battery pole ear, blocks, such as laser precision spot welding, the production efficiency is several times of the traditional laser.

Product features:

· High welding speed, compared with YAG laser welding machine, the efficiency of this series of laser welding machine is increased by more than 12 times

· Stable and reliable welding quality

· Consistency, small spots

· Easy to install and move

· Easy to operate and maintain

Cylindrical battery nickname: 18650 battery, cylindrical lithium battery, 18650 cylindrical battery, 32650 cylindrical battery, 18650 lithium battery

Cylinder battery lug spot welding: 18650 cylinder battery bottom lug spot welding machine;

Laser spot welding machine with cylindrical battery cap; Special spot welding machine for cylindrical battery bottom pole lug;

Laser spot welding machine with cylindrical lithium battery pole ear

Supporting fixture

Sprocket 18650 semi-automatic laser welding

The jig is usually installed in the glove box, and the welding is carried out manually through the 18650 electric core shell on the glove window,

driven by the mechanical arm and the cap on the sucker through the chain wheel to the welding area.

Features: automatic feeding of cap, automatic laser welding of electrode lug and positive cap,

automatic flow of battery and cap through transport belt.

Production efficiency:

2 d platform moving optical path welding: 1200-1400pCE /h

Vibrating lens welding: 1800-2000pCE /h

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