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How to choose CNC bending machine die and use process need to pay attention to a few points?

Bending machine mold in actual use need to pay attention to:

1, bending machine die 88° why can press out 90°. Because the metal plate has a certain elasticity, ordinary cold rolled plate mold Angle 88° can be,

but stainless steel only needs 86°, some elastic only 83° on the line, aluminum hardness is low, elasticity is small, the mold Angle must be 90°,

so do you understand, in addition, the Angle of the mold is mainly determined by the elasticity of the plate,Bending pressure can also affect the Angle of the workpiece

2, the general bending machine die hardening hardness is how much. The heat treatment of the bending machine die is HRC47±2°.

Too high hardness may lead to die fracture. So, not high hardness is durable. Bending machine die quenching hardness can achieve how much,

this also has to be determined according to the bending machine die material and bending machine die style. But it is not hard to use. The reasonable hardness is HRC47±2°

3. When bending an acute Angle or pressing a dead Angle, you should choose 30 degrees, first folding an acute Angle and then pressing the dead edge.

When bending R Angle, R upper die and R lower die should be used.

4. When bending the longer workpiece, it is best not to use the segmented mold to reduce the knife indentation, and it is best to choose the single groove, because the outer Angle R of the single groove V groove is large, and it is not easy to produce the bending indentation.

5, in bending hardness or plate is too thick products, it is forbidden to use 103# and 116# on the mold, easy to damage the mold, do not use the mold to bend steel bar or other cylindrical products.

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