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How to Maintain the Press Brake Effectively

Before maintenance or wiping the machine, please align the upper and lower molds, then lower the machine and stop working until the work is completed. If you need to start up or perform other operations, you should choose manual mode to ensure safety. The maintenance method is as follows.

1. Hydraulic oil circuit press brake
A. Check the oil level in the tank weekly, including after hydraulic system maintenance. If the oil level is below the oil window, the hydraulic fluid must be topped up.

B. The oil in a new machine should be changed after 2000 hours of operation, and after that it should be changed every 4000-6000 hours of operation. You should also clean the oil storage tank every time you change the oil.

C. System oil temperature should be between 35°C and 60°C and below 70°C. Too high a temperature will lead to deterioration of oil quality and damage to accessories.

2. Filter
A. Replace or thoroughly clean the filter every time you change the oil.

B. If other filters in the machine are abnormal due to related alarms or dirty oil, the filter should be replaced.

C. The fuel tank air filter should be inspected and cleaned every three months, preferably once a year.

3. Hydraulic parts
A. Hydraulic components (boards, valves, motors, pumps, oil pipes, etc.) should be cleaned monthly and detergents should not be used to prevent dirt from entering the system.

B. After using the new machine for one month, check whether the oil pipe elbow is deformed. If there is any abnormality, please replace it. After 2 months of use, all parts of the connection should be tightened. The operation will stop. There is no pressure system. Hydraulic press brake includes support, table and clamp plate.

Routine maintenance of automatic press brakes:
Whether the starting is normal, whether the operating system is normal, whether the shaft is normal, whether the engine is working normally, whether the machine is running abnormally noisy, whether the upper and lower gears are in good condition. Please check if. Is the upper knife flexible? Is the foot switch in good condition? Is the startup sensitive? Is the pressure gauge normal? Is the hydraulic cylinder pressure normal? Is there any oil leakage from the hydraulic tube or cylinder?

After daily cleaning, lubricate the ball screw and rolling guide rail, check the cleanliness of the mold, check for dirt on the optical fiber rod, clean the surrounding area, clean the aircraft body, and check the oil level in the fuel tank weekly. Check to see if there is water inside the air pump or if the gas passage is blocked. Clean the oil outlet filter regularly. Clean hydraulic parts monthly. Prevent dirt from entering the system. Do not use cleaning agents. Check the gas pump tank regularly. .


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