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Bending machine is a kind of work roller to make the sheet bending forming equipment, is an important processing equipment, I do not know everyone for three roller hydraulic bending machine there are several types of understanding?

1. Symmetrical three-roll plate rolling machine

Symmetrical arrangement. The upper roller can move up and down, and the center distance of the lower roller is fixed,

so there is a straight part at both ends of the plate, that is, the remaining straight edge, and the length is about half of the center distance of the two lower rollers.

The end of the sheet shall be prebent with the best equipment and die before bending the cylindrical parts.

2, asymmetric three-roll plate rolling machine

The work roll is characterized by an asymmetrical disposition. Perpendicality formed by the center line of the lower work roll --

There is a small offset distance from the vertical plane formed by the center line of the upper work roll, and the lower work roll can rise and fall vertically.

The upper and lower work rollers are active rollers, and the two sides of the work roller are passive rollers, and can be inclined to rise

and fall along the guide plane of a certain Angle relative to the vertical plane. When working, in the upper and

lower roller clamping point before or after the plate end is very short, the remaining straight edge is generally o

nly up to two times the thickness of the nominal roll plate, almost all the plate end bending, plate end need not go through other methods

of pre-bending. In addition, each time through the work roll allows a large degree of bending deformation, bending efficiency is high.

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