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Maanshan Durmapress Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd Bending machine price concessions, quality assurance.

Bending machine price  Main configuration (optional) :

1. The piston of the main cylinder of the machine tool adopts aerospace technology - surface nickel and phosphorus treatment, its hardness can reach HRC60 above, and the guide sleeve relative to the piston adopts the self-lubricating zinc-based wear-resistant alloy, which can make the cylinder in a good working state for a long time.

2, the use of torsional shaft synchronization, mechanical block, reliable, economic, high precision.

3. The upper die is equipped with a winding compensation mechanism.

4. Machine Tool Electrical: Schneider Electric

5. The oil cylinder is produced by Jianhu Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd., and the main seals are produced by Japan Huarka Company.

6. The main parts in the electric box are produced by Schneider.

7. The hydraulic system is controlled by cartridge valve, which runs fast and stably. The main hydraulic components are made by Shanghai Hydraulic Parts Factory No. 2.

8, The hydraulic pump adopts space standard low noise internal gear pump NT3 series.

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