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How to play the function of the bending machine well?

The CNC machine tool of CNC bending machine is used to operate power box, control board, parallel grating ruler and data hydraulic transmission system.

The communication between them ensures the high quality characteristics and precise transmission system of the CNC bending machine.

The two piston rods are arranged synchronously and controlled by analog signals to prevent the influence of other data signals.

To a certain level and can reduce project budget, save the time of actual operation efficiency, from the Angle of view of the practical test,

the shortage of the search itself and the main common failures according to relevant information to find the solution,

applying modern way of reasonable, in the original process on the way for independent innovation of hydraulic drive system to carry out the maintenance and improvement continuously.

The advantages and advantages of the hydraulic transmission system of CNC bending machine are played on a larger level

The rapid development of CNC bending machine production technology, with its high precision, convenient, jobbing oscillation compensation,

good consistency of production and processing goods and other advantages, more and more sheet metal parts manufacturing enterprises ignored. But in the

Insufficient situation, how to better use and give full play to its functionality and advantages into the customer care and contention season to solve the problem of external management

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