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Poor lubrication of the bending press brake machine may lead to sheet cracking

Improve the lubrication premise: the relationship between the forming quality of bending press brake machine and lubricant is very important.

Poor lubrication premise or improper selection of lubricant may lead to sheet cracking bending press brake machine.

Adjust drawbead parameters or blank holder force: the use of drawbead can prevent flange parts from folding,

but its side effect is to increase the activity resistance of the material into the concave die, therefore,

improper drawbead parameters may lead to bending machine activity resistance is too large, resulting in plate cracking.

Increase the auxiliary process: under the condition of satisfying the functional requirements of parts,

properly increasing the mold fillet or reducing the slope can reduce the resistance of materials in the process of forming, so as to avoid cracking.

Bending machine macroscopic rupture is usually mainly caused by excessive tensile expansion in the plane of the thin plate,

and the microscopic rupture can be caused by simple tensile expansion, but also caused by simple bending,

whether it is microscopic fracture or macroscopic fracture is ultimately due to the material local tensile strain is too large.

Micro crack refers to the naked eye in the sheet metal crack, although the crack depth is very shallow, but it is a department of material has failed.

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