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Determine the optimal scheme of the workpiece in the bending press machine process

1. Determine the optimal scheme of the workpiece in the bending press machine process

The best we define here is not the best in the traditional sense.

The optimization we point out here is a better scheme relative to the required accuracy of the workpiece and the production standard.

It is a relatively optimal concept.

We should make intelligent modification according to the actual situation when making
automatic arrangementand we can'tstickto the rules

For example, when the program written does not meet the user’s requirements for this
work, the user can modify it freely.Users can modify the content of the program according to their specific needs,so as to meet their requirements for program writing

2. Simulated bending process

During the bending processwe can use pictures to show the proper operation of this part at a certain position during the bending process

We can visually observe and analyze the operation process in the form of pictures so that the operation process can qualitatively display the details of the bending operation process in the form of pictures.

We can also dynamically show the bending process through video, so that people can observe the bending process more directly

Through the video, the bending process can be observed and demonstrated through
dynamic observation.This not only improves the authenticity of the operation process, but also reduces the sense of distance with people during operationso that people can show and express the bending process more closely.

In this way the bending parameters can also be expressedand the bad and fault can be alarmed to provide information for people.

3.Generate NC program

NC programs are programs that are programmed automatically

This program can make the machine tool bend the parts automaticallyimprove the work efficiency,reduce the use and consumption of manpowerand reduce the use of
manpower and material resources.

One program associated with DC is DNC program.

This line requires the system through the control device of the press brake

After the line sends the required command to input the NC programthe NC program will be input after the command is returned by consent

In some cases, we can also modify the contents of the sent instructions and the modified
information will be returned to the computer.

In the process calculation,the step of calculating the compensation amount of springback is a particularly important aspect.

When we are processing a partwe should choose a correct angle

If the angle has some deviation,we need to adjust the angle properlyand then transfer the adjusted angle to the control device.

When the system knows a correct angleit will carry out reasonable operation.

When making process arrangementwe should clarify the purpose of process arrangement.

The arrangement of the process is generally to determine the motion sequence and speec between each axis.

In addition, we also need to adhere to the established principles of arrangement.

This principle is to avoid interference between the workpiece to be processed and the
machine tool and die,and process in different ways according to different accuracy requirements for workpiece processing.

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