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Why is the plate folded by the best quality press brake bent in the middle?

The plate folded by the electro-hydraulic servo best quality press brake is bent in the middle,

which may be caused by the uneven upper and lower knives. The mold has offset the included Angle,

so the Angle is the same and the straightness is not enough.

The upper slider and the lower table can be measured with a height ruler by using the meter method to see if they are parallel.

If the mold is parallel, find other reasons to solve it. There is no deflection compensation,

the truth is almost the same as every pair of molds, resulting in displacement.

If the Angle is not consistent, the adjustable inclined block can reduce the error, such as no problem with the upper and lower molds,

that is, the pressure of the bending machine is uneven or the tool rest is deformed, and a few thin sheets of paper can be adjusted slowly at the bottom of the mold.

For the first time processing, in addition to the confirmed drawings, also need to consider molds and workpieces bending sequence,

program input, however, when in actual processing, the factors to consider not comprehensive of omission,

and the amount of time is very long, if next time when you meet the need to repeat the same workpiece processing cannot effectively

calls the last processing programming information, Can only be reprogrammed to repeat the same work,

also known as "two repeat operations", so that it is a great waste of time and labor,

repeated consumption, resulting in the reduction of bending machine processing efficiency

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