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The maintenance skills of voltage stabilizer of BS-H 6020 fiber laser cutting machine are introduced

BS-H 6020 fiber laser cutting machine is the energy released when the laser beam irradiates to the surface of the workpiece to melt and evaporate the workpiece,

in order to achieve the purpose of cutting, with high precision, cutting fast. Regular users are also clear, when the laser light is unstable,

there may be a lot of reasons, which is likely to be caused by power supply instability. Therefore, in daily use, often have to patrol the working state of the voltage regulator,

to prevent the occurrence of failure.

For the optical fiber laser cutting machine voltage regulator power patrol, mainly to observe the compensation transformer,

to see whether the temperature of the transformer is normal, whether there is overheating, coil discoloration and other phenomena.

Whether the contact of carbon brush is maintained well, monitor whether the input and output voltage is normal, whether there is overload phenomenon, etc.

In order to carry out more strict maintenance and maintenance, every three months to remove the dust and dirt of the components of the regulator,

check whether the chain transmission system works normally, to oil the sprocket, adjust the tightness of the chain,

check whether the carbon brush frame has tilt, jam phenomenon, if found should be adjusted.

In addition, check whether the electrical contact is damaged, if so, it should be replaced or repaired in time;

Check whether the column voltage regulating transformer operates flexibly and whether the carbon brush is intact.

Replace the damaged or large amount of carbon brush in time. If there is burn or carbon brush powder on the contact surface of the coil,

apply 0 fine sand skin to polish smooth and remove dust in time.

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