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Application industry of BS3015D-3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Agricultural industry: useful for vineyard accessories, agricultural springs, tractor parts

Furniture industry: suitable for decorative lamp, bottle rack, chair frame BS3015D-3000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 

Automotive industry: This industry has many applications in manufacturing mufflers with end forming units,

single or head and collars, headrest frames, hood rods, fuel tank floats, child seat hooks, etc.

Railway industry: the application in railway industry includes railway clamps, etc.

Construction industry: There are many applications in the construction industry, such as scaffolding safety hooks, ceiling hooks, concrete frames.

Home appliance industry: for barbecue accessories, refrigerator accessories, dishwasher accessories, oven grill,

shaft iron bracket, cooling coil and other household appliances is very useful.

Display materials: Postcards and other display support materials are very useful.

Fastener industry: it is useful for many types of pins and hooks.

Horticulture: Applications in horticulture include pneumatic lawn mowers, lawn mower rods, and flower beds.

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