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BS3015D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Laser Power : 1000W

1. Why Choose BS3015D  Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Simple and efficient

(1)BS3015D is a perfect standard plane fiber laser cutting machine, which is popular in the industry. It has the highestspeedamong those with the same level and may cut 400 small circles per minute. With the maximum speed of 140mand maximumacceleration of 1.2G, it has the highest accuracy among those with the same leve

and mav cut the bicvcle with the size of 1/5 of coin.

2.Success points

(1) Pioneered simple and integrated integration design all over the world.

(2)Pioneered high-low exchange platform and pioneered patented design in China and it will take 15s for one

exchange at thehighest speed .

(3)The cast-aluminum beam is die-cast and molded with 10t of steel mould for the first time in the industry, with goodrigidityand high strength, whose weight is 1/2 of that of the traditional welded iron beam.

Cutting auxiliary gas consumption

Cutting carbon steel plate (taking the processing of 1mm carbon steel plate as an example)

The gas consumption per hour is about 0.7 bottles of oxygen, and each bottle of oxygen (pressure 15 5MPa, purity 99.5%) is about20 yuan, and the auxiliary gas consumption per hour is 14 yuan/hour.

Cutting stainless steel plate or aluminum alloy plate (taking the processing of 1mm stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy plate asan example);

The gas consumption is about 4 bottles of nitrogen per hour, and each bottle of pure nitrogen (purity 99.99%, pressure 15.5MPa) is about25 yuan, and the auxiliary gas consumption per hour is: 100 yuan/hour

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