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BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine related operation steps

Each BS3015T-3000W Laser cutting machine will have the corresponding operation steps, corresponding to different brands, although some roughly the same, but in the relevant detailed problems and differences, Shenzhen Qunying laser cutting operation knowledge is as follows:

One, according to the material and thickness, call the corresponding parameters

Two, detection cutting parameters select the corresponding lens and laser, and check whether it is intact

Three, the cutting head to the appropriate focus

Four, check and adjust the nozzle center

Five, cutting head sensor calibration

Six, cutting gas inspection, input the opening auxiliary gas command, observe whether it can be well ejected from the nozzle

Seven, in accordance with the preparation of cutting material into the fixed workbench.

Eight, the material trial cut, check the section, adjust the process parameters, until meet the production requirements

Nine, cutting the first piece of work, suspend cutting to see if it meets the requirements

Ten, according to the workpiece requirements of the drawing to prepare cutting procedures, and imported into the CNC

Move the cutting head to the starting point of cutting and press "Start" to execute the cutting procedure (there will be automatic reset under normal circumstances)

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