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Classification and technical characteristics of continuous fiber laser welding machine

There are more and more kinds of continuous all-fiber laser welding machine, which can be divided into automatic laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, stainless steel laser welding machine, aluminum laser welding machine, advertising laser welding machine and so on. Because the working mode is different. The laser welding machine uses the characteristics of high energy and high density laser beam to heat the interior of the local smile area of the material, and uses heat conduction to diffuse the heat into the material, and then forms a specific molten pool in the material to achieve the purpose of welding.

Laser mold welding machine:

Mainly used for digital products, mobile phones, cars, motorcycles and other industries of mold welding. It is also widely used for hand welding.

Automatic laser welding machine:

Mainly used for automatic welding of circular and straight metal materials. It is widely used in mobile phones, watches, electronic components, precision instruments, handicrafts and other industries.

Laser spot welding machine:

Mainly used for repairing welding of gold and silver jewelry, electronic components, spot welding of valve trachoma, etc.

The technical characteristics of fiber laser welding machine

1. Germany high-speed scanning galvanometer, fast speed, strong stability, light spot fine, high precision;

2. Welding control software is a sino-German technical cooperation, with simple operation, flexible editing, strong compatibility and good control.

Scanning welder power conversion, failure rate

4. Welding can achieve continuous operation, small weld, welding firm, not easy to break;

5. According to the height and size of the welding range of products, different parameters and different parameter groups can be adjusted for processing;

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