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How to choose the right cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting cutting mode

In the field of modern industrial manufacturing, cutting is one of the basic technology with a large amount of application and a wide range of applications. Cutting methods include punching, shearing, flame cutting, edM, water cutting, plasma cutting and laser cutting. Each cutting method has its own advantages, but also has certain limitations.

Cutting efficiency and quality will directly affect the efficiency and quality of production, how to choose the right cutting equipment, should pay attention to consider the following factors cnc 12kw fiber laser cutting:

1, cutting material type, thickness, size

2, the size of the cutting amount, the requirements for cutting speed

3, the requirements of cutting accuracy, the requirements of material deformation, the size of the secondary processing

4, can use optimization nesting software, improve material utilization rate

5. Equipment one-time investment maintenance cost, whether additional investment such as modeling is needed, and comprehensive comparison between equipment investment and economic benefits

CNC frying machine: commonly used before cutting straight edge of the board wool bad, poor accuracy

CNC punch: punch in stamping forming parts, need a variety of die, each shape or each size need a pair of die, which greatly constrained the machine tool and update speed, general CNC punch workpiece thickness is less than 10mm

CNC line cutting machine: high processing accuracy, suitable for small batch, multi-variety parts processing, reduce mold production costs, shorten the production cycle. The shortcoming is that the processing surface is small, the processing speed is slow, the use of a period of time, molybdenum wire or copper wire is easy to break.

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