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How to remove the bending machine bearing? You will understand after reading this article

When the customer went to repair CNC bending machine, he encountered how to disassemble bending machine bearings and how to safely disassemble bending machine bearings.

Let's look at this article to understand.

There are two meanings of disassembly bearings.

1, remove the bearing from the shaft (or outer ring).

2, disassemble the bearing by jie.

I am not sure which specific question is the subject. I can only briefly introduce the common tools for the two operations.

How to remove the bearing from the shaft or (outer ring)

Common tools for cold disassembly: manual gantry hydraulic press, hydraulic pull or thread puller, hammer, hydraulic nut (specially used for disassembly of oversized bearings).

Common tools for hot disassembly: heating ring and adjustable induction heater (mostly used to disassemble inner rings of needle roller bearings or cylindrical roller bearings of NU,

NJ and NUP type)

As I am not familiar with the way of thermal disassembly, the operation mode of heating ring and heater will not be discussed here.

Manual gantry hydraulic press can be used for the disassembly and assembly of bearings of various types and sizes, and it is cheap and easy to operate.

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