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CNC bending machine processing safety operation

CNC bending machine processing safety operation

In principle, the implementation of single single operation, because of the need for work CNC bending machine,

numerical control bending machine how much money, and the need for other people's assistance, we must ensure their personal safety.

 Before stepping on the pedal, be sure to remind the other side that there is no safe action, and then step on the pedal.

During the operation, people should not talk with others and be highly concentrated.

People who have nothing to do with work should be prevented from entering the work area. Visitors should not enter the zebra crossing without permission.

After the machine is turned on, no part of the human body is allowed to enter between the upper and lower die of the machine.

When bending work, hands should wear gloves, but in small bending work do not wear gloves.

When bending work, hold the workpiece, do not push the work, the body should be stable.

When the larger workpiece is bent, the bending speed should be adjusted slowly,

and any part of the operator's body should not exceed the bending motion range of the workpiece.

In case of emergency, ** press the emergency stop button.

The same machine tool, not a few different height of the knife die.

The machine tool should not be maintained while it is in use.

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