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How to deal with the hydraulic oil pollution of CNC bending machine brake?

CNC bending machine brake system gear oil in the hydraulic control system plays a transmission, wear resistance,

system software lubrication, corrosion resistance, rust prevention, cooling water and so on.

The use of gear oil belongs to the industrial production of hydraulic control system, causing environmental pollution of gear oil is in various fields,

complex. Together, gear oil itself is constantly changing in use .

Therefore, can not completely solve the problem of environmental pollution of gear oil.

 Heavy contamination of lubricating oil will immediately adversely affect the characteristics of the hydraulic control system.

What is more terrible is that it will often lead to mechanical failure of the braking system and reduce the service life of the prefabricated components of the CNC bending machine.

The actual cause of this risk is the fine particles in the dust. In the case of the prefabricated components of the four-column hydraulic press,

such liquid fine particles entering the prefabricated components can increase the damage of the prefabricated components by dragging them.

In addition, it will plug the relief valve hole, shock hole in hydraulic fittings or valve core stuck, resulting in four column hydraulic press system errors.

In addition, the mixture of water and vapor reduces the lubrication of gear oil, accelerates the diazotization reaction of gear oil,

leading to cavitation corrosion. Therefore, the accelerated corrosion of hydraulic parts will make the punch gear oil system software lead to vibration, noise, etc.

It is feasible to improve the service life of electronic components of hydraulic control system,

ensure the reliable operation of hydraulic control system, and control the environmental pollution of gear oil within the certain range.

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