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CNC bending machine to improve production efficiency, popular use is the general trend

In recent years, with the development of NUMERICAL control system, numerical control bending machine has also been vigorously developed.

By nc system to control, after bending machine block material and stroke can be accurately controlled,

can continuous to multi-channel bending of artifacts in bulk, and it can guarantee with batch of products has a very high forming precision,

at the same time, still can make with the batch of products produced with high identity, greatly improves the production efficiency,

Therefore the use of CNC bending machine is the general trend.

CNC bending machine is the nature of the thin plate bending CNC bending machine mold,

the mold is composed of a bracket, a workbench and a clamping plate, by electing the coil to produce the attraction of the pressure plate,

so as to complete the clamping plate between the plate and the base. Because the electromagnetic force clamping method is used,

the pressure plate is made according to the specific requirements of the workpiece,

the operation is simple, and the workpiece with side wall can be processed.

Today's NUMERICAL control bending machine, in numerical control system, CAD and CAPP application and flexibility are rapid development,

numerical control bending machine in modern sheet metal parts forming processing has an extremely important role and unlimited development prospects.

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