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CNC bending machine automatic production line

Automation training: In order to reduce production costs and improve product quality, customers want to provide automation solutions within the economic investment budget to ensure the high stability, reliability and automation degree of the modified equipment.

Competitive changes in the market require the modified system to have certain flexible production capacity -- to adapt to the rapid switch between multi-batch and small-batch production. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt a 6-axis joint robot for loading and unloading.

In addition, based on the economical and practical considerations, strictly control the cost of the entire automation renovation project, comprehensive estimation range of mechanical arm and the size of the working area and hand the melon grab deviation factor, gravity and center of gravity after metal pipe robot payload at the end of the decay curve, 6 axis robot joints were recommended for the user.

The effect of the transformation of the automatic production line of the back bending machine:

High production methods and HIGH efficiency, like many automated systems, articulated robots make a compelling market contribution to the improvement of performance 3354 solves the problem of labor intensity and safety risk of manual operation. At the same time, 24 hours of continuous fatigue - free operation is unparalleled. 

High flexibility and stability: the articulated robot is controlled by the computer system, which is as convenient as numerical control. The articulated robot is equipped with multifunctional ergonomic teaching equipment that allows factory equipment engineers to quickly switch programs to adapt to new products

High quality and consistency: high accuracy of repeated positioning, average fault-free interval of 75,000 hours, has been widely recognized by international technical standards.

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