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What are the three features that can be improved by using a CNC bending machine machine ?

1, CNC bending machine machine for all steel welded structures, hydraulic transmission, vibration to eliminate stress,

high mechanical strength, high rigidity,

CNC bending machine adopts master cylinder (fixed on the wall) downward shearing movement, nitrogen cylinder return,

simplify the hydraulic system, the operation is more stable, CNC bending machine tool slide around a fixed axis assumes the circular arc in the process of shear oscillation,

Under the action of lever, the fulcrum force is small, which can improve the service time of shear knife and machine.

2, CNC system functions: Chinese display, easy to operate, CNC bending machine spacing device is after the adjustment of motor block,

unidirectional and bidirectional positioning function,

can effectively remove the screw clearance, has rejected material function, avoid keep-off device and artifacts,

reduce wear and improve the positioning accuracy, have power closed position memory function, the protection parameters,

the position and program, With multi-stage processing programming function, multi-stage manual operation,

complete a multi-stage parts processing, improve productivity.

3, adopt guardrail and electric box interlock, with the protection device to improve personal safety.

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