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CNC bending machine price: how to extend the life of the bending machine

CNC bending machine price  die in order to get long life, in the bending process should be as long as possible to adhere to continuous cutting.

If the bending machine die enters and exits too frequently, the bending machine die life will be significantly shortened.

This will increase thermal stress and thermal fatigue on the cutting edge. A uniform and high temperature in the cutting area is

more favorable to modern carbide bending machine dies than a large shake.

The evenly distributed machining allowance of the bending machine ensures stable and high productivity and safe bending process.

When the viewpoint is unchanged, the bending speed and feed rate can also be maintained at a higher level.

In this way, the mold effect and working load change on the bending machine is small,

so the heat and fatigue are less, and then improve the bending machine mold life.

Bending machine die in the bending process of an important policy,

is in each bending process in the bending machine die for each kind of bending

to create a uniform distribution of processing allowance. That is to say, it is necessary to use a different view of the bending mold,

at all times the primary bending machine mold should be in each process as close to the end of the mold shape as possible.

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