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How to apply CNC bending machine technology

1. Numerical control bending machine system adopts the NUMERICAL control system of DelEM Company of Holland,

there are different grades of system for users to choose CNC bending machine technology.

2. The hydraulic system adopts the German HOERBIGER electric hydraulic servo hydraulic system bending machine,

to ensure the reliability of machine operation.

3. Advanced and reliable rear baffle structure The beam and the left and right side supports of the rear baffle structure are made of aluminum.

The motion inertia of the rear stopper is reduced. Display precision and reliable transmission. The drive of rear gear adopts arc tooth synchronous

belt drive and large lead precision ball screw and guide rail drive to achieve precise positioning of rear gear.

4. Quick double-sided clamping device of the mould The mould adopts quick double-sided clamping device.

Realize the mold quick change, double - sided clamping more increase the practicality of the mold and the service life of the quick clip.

5. The mould is made of die steel with integral heat treatment to improve the service life of the mould.

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