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Cnc brake press machine structure maintenance

Cnc brake press machine  maintenance is divided into external maintenance, electrical control, lubrication device, peripheral equipment and tools. Among them:

1.External maintenance: wipe the surface of the machine and the protective cover to ensure the cleanliness of the inside and outside;

Clean the accessories, and clean the surrounding environment of the machine Cnc brake press machine;

The paint on the surface of the machine tool and its dead corners should be smooth and natural.

2, electrical control: check whether the electrical box is intact, there is no damage;

Whether the electrical components are damaged, whether they need to be repaired or replaced,

whether the connection between the components is good;

Whether the operation of the main motor is normal, good, safe and reliable,

and whether there is abnormal or heat, noise;

Whether the operation of the NUMERICAL control system is accurate and whether it meets the accuracy requirements;

CNC device can accurately input.

3.Lubrication device: whether the lubrication of each lubrication part is good and sufficient, whether the oil in the oil circuit and the oil cup is sufficient;

Whether the valve body is flexible, there is no blockage phenomenon;

Whether the filter device is clean, if it is blocked, it should be cleaned in time.

4, peripheral equipment: blank parts and all kinds of materials are placed reasonably, and safe and reliable;

Whether the foot switch protective cover is properly installed and used.

5, tool: up and down the tool movement is normal, there is no deviation, and the action is flexible and reliable;

The parallelism of the slider and the workbench is good, and the position of the direct control balancing valve is accurate


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