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How does the lens of cnc fiber laser cutting machine maintain and matters needing attention

The correct operation procedure for maintaining the focusing lens of the cnc fiber laser cutting machine:

  1. Remove the focusing lens from the lens frame; Loosen the fastening screw and remove the air nozzle and mirror barrel in turn;
  2. First, blow off the dust on the surface of the lens with a balloon.
  3. If you really need to clean the lens, you can only use a lab-grade soft cotton ball, dip an appropriate amount of acetone or high purity alcohol, and gently rotate clockwise from the center of the lens to the edge. If necessary, both sides of the lens should be cleaned, and the scrubbing should be careful.
  4. Install the lens barrel and air nozzle, adjust the focal length, tighten the fixing screw, and keep the convex surface downward when installing the focusing lens.

The maintenance of cnc fiber laser cutting machine focusing lens should pay attention to the following three points:

  1. The focusing lens material is ZnSe (arsenic zinc), which is relatively brittle and afraid of falling; Attention should be paid to the disassembly and assembly: not too hard, and can not collide with hard objects.
  2. The surface has anti-reflection film, afraid of pollution, afraid of wet, afraid of oil, afraid of scraping, so it is required to provide dry, oil-free air in the work, do not directly handle the laser cutting machine focusing lens lens by hand,
  3. because the skin oil will produce permanent damage to the surface of the lens. It can be operated with gloves and special sleeve.
  4. For smaller lenses, it is more convenient to use optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers.
  5. No matter what method is used to clamp the laser cutting machine focus lens,
  6. it must be held along a non-optical surface, such as the frosted edge of the lens.
  7. In general, it is necessary to check the focusing mirror of the laser cutting machine before and after use and cleaning.
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