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Debugging and operation of CNC hydraulic plate bending machine

Debugging and operation of CNC hydraulic plate bending machine

1. When the hydraulic bending machine is installed at a good level, wipe off the rustproof oil on the sliding and processing surfaces of the hydraulic bending machine first, and clean it carefully.

According to the lubrication diagram of the equipment, refill the appropriate lubricating oil on the sliding parts as required CNC hydraulic plate bending machine.

2. Check the firm bolts at the joints to prevent the loosening caused by transportation and lifting from affecting the use and safety of the hydraulic bending machine.

3. Clean the oil tank, check the filter screen, and fill enough hydraulic oil as required.

Fill hydraulic oil into the oil return place of the oil pump according to the instruction.

4. Check the electrical components and connect to the power supply after confirming that there is no safety risk,

start the motor, confirm the correct steering of the oil pump, and conduct empty operation for three minutes.

5. Select the electric button to the inching position, step down the foot switch,

let the hydraulic bending machine in the case of no load up and down several working stroke,

to check whether the electrical appliances and hydraulic components work normally.

6, test folding plate: according to the thickness and length of the plate, select a reasonable lower die V groove and hydraulic bending machine pressure.

The test plate should be thin first and then thick, the pressure should be small first and then large, to check the execution of the order of each element.

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